Bigso 789256901N Letter Tray Blue MBDMZKYBJ

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Keep your paperwork tidy in thissimply designedpaperboard trayMade of thick, recycled fiberboard; covered ina handle laminatedpaper laminateComes as a set of 2with stacking clipsCreate designatedtrays for various projects or selected“to do’s”The simple design lends itself to any decor

Bigso brand-clean and stylish - that is what the Swedish Bigso stands for.Since 1963 they have been working on the most beautiful storage solutions that bring order to every creative chaos.Alsonice: at Bigso they not only value the looks of their designs, but also ensure that every product is sustainable and can be recycled.Organizing has never felt so good

Bigso 789256901N Letter Tray Blue MBDMZKYBJ

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