ALKALINE pH PLUS WHITE ionized Water PITCHER 3.5 L By WellBlue 1 Filters 2 Month Supply. PUVCTYGBC

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The Alkaline Pitcher lasts the longest, and produces the Best pH and ORP ( ANTIOXIDANTS ) !!! Reduces heavy metals: The WellBlue filter permanently absorbs metals, such as lead, copper and aluminum, so your drinking water will be cleaner.This awesome Alkaline PH Pitcher raises pH and lightly Ionizes the water. This portable pH pitcher improves the taste of water to give you great alkaline plus drinking water.We have seen this PH Plus Pitcher produce Negative ORP stronger than other pH pitchers, transforming regular water into Antioxidant water.1 Filter (2 Month Supply), included. A slow flow through active carbon filters the water nicely removing chlorine, heavy metals, organic impurities, odor and many other chemicals, such as some fluoride. But it isnt rated to remove all fluoride.Contains alkalinizing minerals which will help you alkalize your body. Portable water ionizers have four main ingredients: Active carbon, ion-exchange resin, ORP balls [magnetized ceramic balls], Magnesium balls. The PH alkaline filter will last about 150-200 liters [up to 70 gallons].


A lot of people asking, Whats a good product to use to start drinking alkaline ionized water Our answer is usual, to buy the Alkaline Plus Pitcher. We have tested many other Alkaline Water Pitchers before settling on the Alkaline Plus PH Ionizer Pitcher. The Alkaline Plus Pitcher consistently proves itself to us and all people (users), as a superior ionizing pitcher. People use this Pitcher regularly, whenever they Travel. Then, if its not in use, You can refrigerate the little filter, so its fresh for next time. Compared to other pitchers, heres what you can expect from the Alkaline Plus PH Ionizing Pitcher.

Alkaline PH Plus Water Pitchers are designed for filtering tap water for drinking. It is designed in the basis of the most advanced water treatment technology and contains highly efficient materials and components.

The filter cartridge contains a combination of high quality activated carbon and ion exchangers to reduce aesthetic chlorine form the water. It also reduces unpleasant odor and improves taste. Each pitcher is equipped with a device that is designed to keep you informed about the filter life status and to let you know when it is necessary to replace the filter cartridge for optimum performance. Not replacing the filter cartridge after its useful life has expired will affect its performance.

1. The Alkaline Plus PH Pitcher is BPA free! Made with safe, AS & ABS food-grade plastic materials.
2. Any Alkaline Pitcher will give you the best filtration at the rate of 1 quart at a time.
3. 1 Filter Cartridge (2 Month Supply).

Portable water ionizers use a technology developed over a 10-year period by Dr. Hayashi and others working in the water ionizer industry. The technology uses magnesium and magnetized ceramics in such a combination that excites the water to ionize spontaneously without electricity

ALKALINE pH PLUS WHITE ionized Water PITCHER 3.5 L By WellBlue 1 Filters 2 Month Supply. PUVCTYGBC

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