AleHorn 6 Horn Shaving Bowl 100% Natural Horn PHZEKXXLQ

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Handmade from 100% genuine bovine hornPatterns formed by nature - no two bowl colors will ever be identicalCan be purchased with plates and cups as a complete dining setPolished to a glossy shine inside with a rough, natural finish on the back,6” in diameter

Make any meal into a Viking feast with these beautiful, incredibly unique bowls handcrafted fro 100% bovine horn. Purchase one bowl as a piece of functional art or a whole set to complete a dinnerware collection with our plates and tumblers. The horn bowls are highly polished to a beautiful shine on the inside, and finished lightly on the outside to feature the horn’s naturally rough texture. The bowls are designed to display the colors and textures of the horn as they were created in nature, which means no two bowls will be alike, and each set of bowls will be a complementary (but not identical) set. When horn is flattened and shaped, its light and dark striations come together to create a piece of art that is both slightly translucent and deeply rich.

AleHorn 6 Horn Shaving Bowl 100% Natural Horn PHZEKXXLQ

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